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We’re supporting the next generation in the fight against Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Applicants to AFA’s Teen Alzheimer’s Awareness Scholarship are asked to describe ways in which Alzheimer’s has impacted them. Many stories include years of visiting grandparents at memory care facilities, volunteering at nursing homes, or caring for a loved one at home. No matter the applicant’s story, they are encouraged to apply and help break the stigma of Alzheimer’s and dementia by sharing their story.

We also encourage applicants to share their stories in other venues, such as conversations with friends, to show that no one is alone in their journey with Alzheimer’s, not even teenagers. Many may discover a classmate was/is struggling with the same thing, and they never would have known if they didn’t share.

Additionally, AFA’s Teen Alzheimer’s Awareness Scholarship encourages students to think about how they will help, or have helped, others going through similar struggles. Many students write about forming a chapter of AFA on Campus to raise awareness for those impacted, and to raise funds for better treatments and a cure. Some students even have plans to go into biomedical research or healthcare, in part because of the impact Alzheimer’s and dementia have had on their life, and their desire to see a cure. No matter the student’s plan to help people, writing this out helps increase their involvement in the cause during the next stage of their life, which benefits all those impacted by Alzheimer’s in many little ways, and many big ones as well.