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As servants of our people, we are dedicated to working in a spirit of Suminangwa-Naminangwa, providing quality service and preserving our culture, values, land and resources. We are committed to promoting opportunities for self-determination and self-sufficiency. As a result of this mission, the Hopi tribe offers numerous scholarships and grants. For more detailed information and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) requirements on any of the awards and scholarships, please contact The Hopi Tribe Grants and Scholarship Program.The goals of the Hopi Tribe Grants and Scholarships Program are to provide quality services to the Hopi People by enhancing a full range of educational opportunities, maintain efforts to increase the number of employable Hopi professionals, and maintain retention services which will enable students to complete programs. Individual criteria may vary by scholarship, and some scholarships may require additional materials, such as letters of recommendation.