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Opportunity Details

The purpose of the Mary Hill Davis Scholarship program is to provide support and encouragement to Texas Baptist ethnic/minority students who will serve as future lay and vocational ministry leaders in Texas Baptist ethnic/minority churches. The scholarship program is designed to assist students pursuing a bachelor’s degree at a Texas Baptist university. Eligible applicants must: show evidence of being actively engaged in their respective ethnic/minority culture; have a 3.0 GPA; be a US citizen or permanent resident; and be enrolled in at least 6 hours if part-time or be enrolled in at least 12 hours if Full Time.

High school seniors must have pastor recommendation, current high school transcript and College acceptance verification. For new students, currently enrolled in College, a current transcript and proof of enrollment must accompany the application. All applicants, either first-time or renewal, must provide a letter of recommendation from the pastor of their church. Each renewal applicant must continue as an active member in in a Texas Baptist Ethnic/Minority church. Where ethnic/minority churches are unavailable the student will need to consult with the appropriate ethnic director.