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Opportunity Details

Society Awards understands the importance and value of the arts and design community. Good design is a powerful tool and a strong competitive advantage. We launched this scholarship to encourage and support commercial art education in the United States. There is an incredible market need for talented artists to blend fine art, marketing and aesthetics.

Society Awards creates artful sculpture that functions as impressive recognition awards. When Society Awards launched in 2007, we applied the principles of fine art to the awards industry. This was an entirely new concept and is an important factor in our growth and place as the industry leader. There is an incredible need for talented artists and designers. Not only do they make our world more beautiful, but they also have the power to make meaningful societal change through the universal language of art.

We want to empower young adults to learn and grow in their artistic endeavors. These artists in training deserve support so that their vision may further beautify our world and our daily lives. When we focus on beautifying our environments, we elevate the human experience, and bring purpose to things that may otherwise feel mundane. It is the job of commercial artists to do just that.