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Opportunity Details

The Lagman Foundation grants scholarships to a new generation of diversely talented high school students who have overcome adversity, given back to their communities, and demonstrated a commitment to turning their life around through an interest in academic or creative pursuits. The Foundation identifies and rewards high school seniors who have experienced hardship, and then demonstrated resilience in changing course. The Second Chances Fund looks to provide them assistance in continuing on their road to becoming future leaders in adulthood. Fund awardees receive a scholarship amount between $500-$1,500.

For consideration in the Lagman Foundation Second Chances Fund, an applicant must: Be a current high school senior; Have the nomination/recommendation of a teacher, counselor, caseworker, or any other unrelated adult who can speak to the applicant’s character, commitment to their academic or creative interest, participation in social justice/community, and the tremendous odds the applicant has overcome. Either the nominator or the student may submit the application; Exhibit progress in overcoming adversity; Demonstrate participation in school activities, community organizations, employment, and/or service leadership; Graduate by July of their currently scheduled graduation date as of the date of scholarship award; Plan to attend a College, university, vocational school, or continuing education program post-graduation.