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USA Internships and Trainee Programs
Opportunity Details

USA: Internships and Trainee Programs

REF: 1443

Description: We are currently looking for a number of interns and trainees to join our programme in the USA.

We can place candidates in the following fields:

-Business Management

-Finance and accounting

-Marketing/ Communication

-Sales / Customer Clients

-IT/Graphic Design


Requirements for Internship Program:

We can accept candidates who are currently enrolled in and pursuing academic studies abroad, and who have graduated from an overseas institution no more than 12 months prior to the start date of his or her program.

Requirements for Internship and Trainee Program:

You can apply for an Internship and Trainee Program if you are a foreign national that has a degree or professional certificate from a post-secondary academic institution abroad, and at least one year of related work experience acquired outside the United States.

Nationalities we can accept:


-South American




Stipend /Salary:

Range from 500$ to 1500$ per month, depending on your CV, requirements and field of the placement. The internship placement company guarantee at least 500$ per month for 6-month placements and 1000$ per month for 12-month placements.


-First Payment: 500 Euro Registration fees, to be paid after completing a Skype call with the internship placement company.

-Second Payment: Placement fee, to be paid at the time of signing the internship agreement:

-Duration of 2 to 6 months placement: 2100 Euro

Plus insurance: 95$ per month for 6 months 95×6=” $570

-Duration of 7-12 months placement: 2500 Euro

Plus insurance: 95$ per month for 12 months 95×12=” $1140


12 months + 30 days Grace Period

Please note that accommodation is not included in the program, however accommodation assistance is available if required.

Placement Time:

Placement for candidates usually takes 3/4 months, however due to COVID-19, there is a delay in the process and on average now placement time is 5/6 months.

Please note there are many opportunities to find work once you have completed your program in the USA with other companies on a H1-B visa